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Our Philosophy

Valtou Rigani started out as an idea conceived by a young couple whose dream was to open a restaurant serving fresh, traditional & simple food bursting with Greek and Mediterranean aromas, and flavours. 

They did just that, by carefully designing and creating a restaurant with a mood setting ambience serving quality food that can be enjoyed at any given time of the day.  

The menu offers an array of traditional and innovative dishes aiming to give its customers an all-round Mediterranean eating experience. The guests can combine their favourite plates, thus making their own personalised “meze”. 

Valtou Rigani insists on only using the freshest local ingredients so as to perfect its seasonal and varied Mediterranean cuisine.

The motto at Valtou Rigani is “make your own” and "share” which go together with impeccable service and consistent quality.

From the Press


"Βάλτου Ρίγανη" και στη Λάρνακα
Το αγαπημένο μαγαζί της Λευκωσίας απέκτησε "αδελφάκι"


Alexander Mc Cowan for Cyprus Mail 

"This is definitely a repeat venue"


Madame Figaro Cyprus

"Απο την Ελλάδα με αγάπη"

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